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Live On Purpose

Each person's life has a purpose, that purpose is discovered one decision at a time on this journey called life. Unfortunately, we live in a society where most people have become followers, not thinkers! We are the total of our thoughts. Our thoughts become words, our words produce choices, our choices produce habits, and our habits are the foundation of our character. However, I believe that God designed our bodies. There are a great number of metabolic diseases; we refer to them as lifestyle diseases. They are primarily a result of the habits that make up our lifestyle. What we eat, drink, think and do make up our personal lifestyles. The human body has the ability given by God to heal itself. Symptoms are an indicator of a nutritional deficiency; just like you would not ignore a light on the dash of your car, you should not ignore symptoms from your body.

The first step to beginning a Plant-Based Whole Food lifestyle is the moment when you decide to change! It’s that "I decided moment" that will give you the strength to overcome the ups and down of change. Next step takes action, detox your pantry refrigerator, freezer and your cabinets. People who have had the greatest success in transitioning into a plant-based Whole Food lifestyle are those individuals who allow their bodies to transition through a period of fasting, and fasting means to abstain and to stop. Fasting is the ultimate form of submission and personal sacrifice.

Whatever controls you owns you for something to lose its control over you, you have to stop, abstain and withdraw from that relationship. Fasting allows your body spirit and your mind time to remove all the residual adverse effects of the food from your body and your bloodstream. It also breaks the control food has over our life and improves our poor habits. During your time of fasting your appetites for the foods that you have decided to sustain from and your focus changes dramatically. "Remember nothing changes if nothing changes."



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