Is Your Past Robbing Your Future

Growing up is challenging enough having parents who were addicted to drugs made my childhood extraordinarily turbulent and far too short. Addiction wasn't a stranger; it was more like a family member. At the age of 10, my addiction produced a symptom that was evident to everyone. While most of my peers weighed between 70 and 80 pounds at ten I weighed 110, my drug of choice was food. By the age of 11, I began my battle with what would become a serial dieting cycle to overcome my food addiction. By the age of 20, I had tried every diet under the sun.

I was very fortunate to have met at 14 and marry my husband by the age of 21 this was the best relationship I had ever experienced in my life at that time total acceptance and pure unconditional love, this was entirely foreign to me. Gil's love and friendship were very healthy and healed for my broken self-esteem. He was the first person to honestly see beyond my exterior into the beautiful, healthy, strong, smart, young girl that was hiding and trapped deep inside of me.

At 24 years old we experience true abundance with the birth of our daughter and our rebirth through our relationship with Jesus Christ. My relationship with Christ began my journey of learning to look inward and to accept and give love and forgiveness while teaching me the importance of taking responsibility for my choices. I believe that God's timing is perfect and that life is Bittersweet it gives and takes away. Our daughter never had, and an opportunity to meet her maternal grandparents my biological father died when I was 11. My stepdad who raised me died of cancer in February of 1991, and my mother was murder by a serial killer in April of 1991. These tragic turn of events made be the mother of three children on my first Mother's Day at the age of 24, our daughter and my two younger sisters who were 9 and 10 had a total rookie as a mother.

Turbulence decides to show up again, but this time I choose a different path, I wanted forgiveness and gratitude to guard, guide and define me. Regardless of what you may have thought about me before I am more like you than you may ever know or understand. Each of us is presented each day with events circumstances, situations, and people that we have no control over. What we do have control over is why, when, and how, we respond and react to these scenarios. I stand here today as a 49-year-old wife, mother, author and entrepreneur if I had to summarize the meaning of life I would say the total of your life and what makes you valuable is how you treat people. The people who are helpful to you, and the people who make you appreciate the people who are helpful to you. It's not what you know; it's not what you have, it's not what you drive or where you live that summarizes or dictates the real essence of your value it's how you treat people.

Life is about relationships your relationship with God, your relationship with yourself, others and things. I would say that things and people cause the most significant level of frustration and conflict in our interpersonal and human relations. Everything that you want to give up and you can not is an addiction, and anything that you would give everything up for is a God. That being said a personal inventory of your priorities is crucial to understanding and accepting who you are and who you are not. My grandmother died last year at 87 years old when I talked with her previously I ask her what her definition of being an adult was? She responded by telling me that you're an adult when you care about others more than yourself alone.

Wow, how profound yet straightforward mental health struggles and depression has begun to run rapid in our country today. I can see the two common denominators that we all share, human relationships, and food. The most critical element in every human relationship is personal awareness and the willingness to accept love and forgive yourself, and others. At the root of every human relationship issue, there is a root of unforgiveness. Loving without forgiveness is impossible. We all fall short, we all make poor choices, we disappoint people, we fail to keep our word, we even hurt the individuals we love most.

Unforgiveness is like your trash if you don't dump it in larger external trash can daily and keep it clean it will accumulate and create an awful stench while taking up vital space. When we choose not to forgive others, we don't hurt the people that we don't forgive we destroy ourselves. Again remember the trash can we each have to confront and deal with our feelings, emotions, resentment, and unforgiveness, not that of our neighbors.

We are only responsible for how we treat people not for how they treat us. Forgiveness is the key to hope freedom and liberty. Freedom from Food is designed to provide hope, freedom, and liberty for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships with food and people. Find out how practicing the principles of Priorities, Forgiveness, and Choices has the impact to empower you to regain control of your lifestyle with actions.

Learn why praying, fasting, and a plant-based lifestyle are the missing spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines that most individuals are missing in their way of life.

Find out how their absence affects our ability to make decisions that produce our God designed life. Please join us on a journey of living a life with fewer regrets together.

My Grandmother understood the medicinal purposes of herbs, and tea, she practiced a very holistic approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Vocationally I chose to pursue a career in cosmetology after attending IBA College of Cosmetology, graduating and passing my state board and then received my Michigan state license. My entrepreneurial journey was launched, the beauty and wellness industry consumed my time and energy. Building, owning and selling, salons became my life for close to 30 years.

Behind the scenes, my passion for science, nutrition, and my struggle to understand, and resolve my unhealthy relationships, explains why food had my undivided attention. I have always been a student of my struggles and shortcomings, while most people spent their life pursuing happiness, and love. I was spending my life seeking change and solutions. I have tried every diet and exercise plan under the sun only to fail.

Our daughter was diagnosed with idiopathic liver disease at the age of 11. I decided to become a part of her solution, so my quest for answers to my life-long struggle received a bit more of my time than it had in the past. My search became more focused on food and its relationship to illnesses. We tried many diets that claimed to provide supplements that would compensate for our nutritional deficiencies. However, diets can’t change your life only a lifestyle can.

In 2008 I decided to gain more insight by pursuing a certification in nutrition and weight management. My training provided the knowledge and the credentials that I thought I needed to help myself, my family, and others. Unfortunately, it only added insult to injury looking back I have always felt conflicted with the whole concept of the food pyramid. I felt like it was out of balance and unnatural. In 2009 when my health was a challenge with an incurable autoimmune disorder.

Instead of relying on prescription drugs; unresearched medical treatments; diets, the food pyramid extreme workout plans, any longer. I turned to God's age-old principles of prayer, fasting, and a strong plant lifestyle, as taught by studying Dr. T Collins the China Study and Dr. Michael Greer. Their books and there expensive ongoing research have provided a solid foundation to build and grown from. It's a beautiful balance of biblical principles and Food Science.

Today I understand why our nutritional needs cannot be found in a pyramid which is why I have not renewed my certification in nutrition and weight management. However, I hope my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from T Colin Campbell through eCornell University, my years of experience, my study and application of the principles that I teach provides you with the assurance that RMB WPPB Lifestyle Movement is more than just a theory.

You don't own me or do it? What does our food say about us?

Do we have skinny girls' goals with fat girl's habits?

We are what we eat, drink, think and do honey this is the real you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day we each break our fast daily which is why the first meal that we eat is called breakfast what are we breaking our fast with.? 70% of your immune system is in your stomach and guess what that system feeds on? It feeds on healthy bacteria which is found in fiber the best source of fiber are plant-derived fibers all benefits no side effects. I joke and say "Eat more greens, so we won't t be so mean" sounds simple and funny. However, the joke's on you it's true. The healthier our diet, the healthier your digestive system, which leads to a healthier brain function, mood, and attitude.

A Plant- Strong Whole -Person lifestyle is the solution that everyone has been looking for in all the wrong places. We all know that fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and seeds, and healthy fats are good for us however we tell ourselves that we can't afford it, it tastes nasty and that we don't have time to cook. Regiment lifestyle movement was designed to provide freedom for individuals who are trapped in unhealthy relationships with the food that they eat, by delivering fast, delicious, affordable plant-strong rainbow rich meals and a community of individuals to grow and develop healthy Christ-centered relationships. You are not alone, and it's not in your head it begins with what you put in your mouth your life. Join us on this journey towards living a life with fewer regrets together.


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