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Updated: Jan 19

Freedom from Food is designed to provide hope, freedom, and liberty for individuals trapped in unhealthy relationships with food and people. Find out how practicing the principles of Priorities, Forgiveness, and Choices has the impact to empower you to regain control of your lifestyle with actions. Learn why praying, fasting, and a plant-based lifestyle are the missing spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines that most individuals are missing in their way of life. Find out how their absence affects our ability to make decisions that produce our God designed life. Please join us on a journey of living a life with fewer regrets together.

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The top 10 killers in America, have remained the same for many years. Unfortunately, the number of people who fall prey to them has continued to increase each year.

Many of us are eating ourselves to death, and we are not even aware of it. We desire to provide people trapped in unhealthy relationships with food and people. Our Movement is a clear path towards a results-based solution. The Bible says that faith comes by hearing! Not having listened to. Our message needs to be repeated until people began to become thinkers again and not just followers.

Heart diseaseCancerUnintentional injuriesChronic lower respiratory diseaseStroke and cerebrovascular diseasesAlzheimer’s diseaseDiabetesInfluenza and pneumoniaKidney diseaseSuicide

Renee Beavers holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition from T .Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through ECornell University.

She is available for the following platforms and venues:

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