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   My 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting partnered with my daughter's health struggles became the driving force for my pursuit to gaining formal training in nutrition and weight management. However, some of my training only add to the problem.

 My quest continued for the truth for years. In 2015 I discovered that the Bible and food science provided the solutions to a healthy life for my husband and I. This was the genesis of our  Plant-Based Lifestyle Movement.

 I was not only taught these principles nor did I only read about them in a book. I live each of these principles daily my training and application have prepared me as a great journey guide for others I am just like you.

My Story

Renée M. Beavers is the developer of the  Rich Relationships Podcast with Gil&Renée and the WHOLE- PERSON PLANT-BASED (WPPB) LIFESTYLE MOVEMENT Renée has been introducing the world to her WPPB Lifestyle Movement as evidenced by television and radio interviews on CBS, NBC, TBN, Atlanta Live, HOT 108 FM, and Blog Talk Radio, just to name a few. She has also been featured in the Huffington Post and Sheen Magazine.


Renée was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan to two drug-addicted parents. If that were not enough opposition for one lifetime, to pile an extra dose of “You’re Kidding” to her story, Renee’s mother was murdered by a serial killer!!!! Although the recipe for a sad ending was written on the wall of her life, Renée has chosen to allow Papa God, to use her struggles, and pain, to build people and relationships.


Serving the beauty industry for 28 years starting, and building salons is proof that making women beautiful from the inside out is her gift and passion.


Her 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting, partnered with her daughter’s health struggles, explains why she became highly motivated to pursue training and answers. In 2015, The Bible and food science finally provided the solutions to a healthy life for her and her phenomenal husband of 31 years.


Their lifestyle change was the birth of her RMB Whole -Person Plant-Based (WPPB) Lifestyle Movement and The Rich Relationships Podcast With Gil&Renée  available on your favorite podcasting platform three-book  

the 21Day Plant-Based Journey Cookbook, Tragedy to Majesty, and Freedom from Food all available on Amazon. Connect with Renée on all  Social media platforms and her website @reneembeavers

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