There are ten top killers in the world today six of the ten have a direct link to the foods we eat. What if the cure could be found in the cause?  The Bible is one source of information without ulterior motives. However, do we live our daily lives as if we believe that truth? What if the Daniel wasn’t only a fast but a lifestyle? Most individuals know that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and we may even know the benefits of a Plant based lifestyle?

Why have we not taken action yet? If we continue to do the same thing and eat the same foods, failure is imminent. Let’s start our Journey today! Our recipes are designed to empower its readers with the tools, support, and information necessary to achieve their ultimate lifestyle of success with fewer regrets. Renee M Beavers WPPB Cookbook’s affordable, nutritious, and delicious, Plant- Strong, meals and its biblical principle, of putting God, and his word first are the gateway to experiencing your God designed life. Join us on this journey toward living a life with fewer regrets together remember permanent changes produce lasting results.

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Renee M. Beavers is a Christ follower, wife, mother, author, columnist, lifestyle adviser, and entrepreneur.

Beavers is a native of Detroit, Michigan before attaining her current level of success she had to overcome a difficult childhood and endure some horrific circumstances. Born to two drug-addicted parents, she then had to cope with the vicious murder of her mother by a serial killer. Rather than let these events define and defeat her, Beavers turned to forgiveness and gave her life to God, allowing him to guide her and use her pain to reach out to others and make connections. Beavers calls it “Turning Tragedy to Majesty.”

Beavers’ is that author of the “21-Day Journey WPPB Cookbook” and organizer of the Freedom from Food 6-week small group curriculum.

She is also a certificate holder in plant-based nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies through eCornell University. Her interest in nutrition and helping people understand their relationship with food stems from her 20-year struggle with food addiction and serial dieting and her daughter’s health struggles. These life events have driven Renee to pursue training and answers leading to the development of the Whole Person-Strong Lifestyle Movement.



It's all God not me when clients get success from the Pam Perry Mentoring group. So godly proud of this speaker/author Renee M Beavers who is walking in her calling and not just wanting fame for fame's sake. When clients are stepping up and stepping out into the greatness God called them to be!
Pam Perry
Pam Perry
PR Branding Solutions
The things that make a life are not "things". And the tools that God uses to build are our lives, are not metals. These tools are PERSONS who are bold enough to open their hearts and their experiences, and to put them to our use. Renee M.Beavers has given us this gift. Dare to chew on these morsels with fresh eyes and humble hearts... and listen for Jesus. He is sure to speak through her offerings.
Claudette Anderson Copeland
Claudette Anderson Copeland
New Creation Christian Fellowship
Who ever heard of a Food Coach? Well that is exactly what Renee M. Beavers is! Because of her passion and determination I have now become a vegetarian. Within one week of getting meat out of my diet the eczema that is on my legs has started to heal. If you want to live your best life, switching to a plant based lifestlye is the way to go and the Food Coach can help you on the journey.
Richard E. Akinyemi
Richard E. Akinyemi
RWC Wealth Management


Freedom From Food Lifestyle Sessions
Renee M. Beavers

Renee M. Beavers

Freedom From Food Lifestyle Sessions

Freedom from Food You don’t own me Is designed to encourage, acceptance and understand that how we communicate with people and how we relate to food are reflective of our inner selves. Consciously or unconsciously our actions tell a story. Discover the power of owning your choices so that they don’t own you! Those of us who struggle with serial dieting and food addiction understand the importance that we place on the number on the scale. However, balancing the scales might be more effective than being consumed with what the numbers on the scale read. Each day there’s a battle going on around and inside of us. It’s the battle of what we know and what we do have to make a choice. Maybe our why is so small because we do not understand the origin of our struggle? Gain the tools to take control of your relationship with food through the power of personal awareness and self-control. Renee is available for the following platforms and venues. Women's Conferences, Health Fair's, Panel Discussion, magazine, television, radio, and newspaper, interviews. To book Renee send your request to. reneembeavers.com@reneembeavers.com or call our team 404-936-1642 Let Go and live in freedom with liberty! Copyright © 2016 RMB

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